Should a Contractor really worry about being water efficient?

Older toilets used to use 13-27L of water, whereas today’s ultra-low-flush toilets use only 6L and are rapidly becoming the standard around the world. Contracting companies that support this standard will continue to survive in this competitive market.

How can a Contractor benefit from Dual-Flush Technology?

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) reported that Dual-Flush toilets reduced flush volumes by 68% in single family dwellings, which creates a big impact to Contractors trying to gain new business.

What is the actual amount of water saved by a Contrac Dual-Flush toilet?

The average amount of water saved by a Contrac Dual-Flush toilet is 26% as compared to a regular 6L toilet.

Are Contrac toilets easily repaired by Contractors that are required to do so?

The internal working mechanisms of all Contrac toilets are easily disassembled and replaced should the need arise. The fill and flush valves are standard in the industry.

What is the rough in measurement for Contrac Toilets?

All Contrac toilets are 12″ rough in.

What is the trap size diameter?

All Contrac toilets have a 2″ fully glazed trapway.