Contrac is recognized as one of the top brands by professional trades across North America, providing a wide range of residential & commercial vitreous china fixtures.

Contrac bath fixtures are the professionals choice for high-performance toilets and other high quality vitreous china products. We pride ourselves on the ability to answer the needs of both residential and commercial plumbers with our wide range of vitreous china products. Whatever your project calls for, we have the products for you.


Our Contrac brand commercial line-up includes a wide range of fixtures for the commercial market including urinals, bowls, and sinks, as well as a hospital-grade hygienic sink. Contrac’s commercial products are designed to withstand the wear and tear of public use.


All Contrac products are cUPC approved and all toilets are MaP tested and LEED compliant. In fact, Contrac water-saving toilets have some of the best performance results in the industry, using the the least amount of water out of all tested products.

Under the FGI Industries, Ltd./ FGI Canada Ltd. family, Contrac is a leading brand for the plumbing wholesale channel. Quality and performance goes into everything we make.